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USWE Hydration

The team behind USWE grew up riding bicycles on the Swedish country side, searching for the toughest terrain and going as far out into the unknown as our bikes would take us. We stuffed our packs with enough food, water and gear to keep us and our bikes running until the sun went down. The packs at that time lacked in storage and were uncomfortable. They were made for walking…not riding. They just weren’t up to our riding adventure standards. That frustration led us to buy an old Husqvarna sewing machine for a couple of bucks so we could start working on our own backpack prototype. We had absolutely zero experience in designing packs, but we demanded a better product. Thousands of action hours later and the rest is history. USWE packs are designed and made by riders….for riders. USWE started back in 2007 with a clear mission; to build Action Packs capable of withstanding the harshest conditions without feeling like you are wearing one. From day one, our product innovation has involved top athletes and weekend warriors who demand nothing but the best. It’s our core philosophy that a pack is worn, not carried – that has to stay fixed and balanced on your back, allowing you to bring all the necessities while you’re bombing the hills in great style.