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Keihin Throttle Slide
Zeta Gas Cap (For Dual Sports) - Blue
Keihin and Mikuni jets, carbs, rebuild kits etc
DRC Fuel Hose - range of sizes (with clips)
Twin Air Fuel Filters - KAWASAKI
Twin Air Fuel Filters - KTM
Twin Air Fuel Filters - SUZUKI
Twin Air Fuel Filters - YAMAHA
Twin Air Fuel Filters - HONDA
Twin Air Fuel Filters - ALL
Keihin 7 Clip Position Jet Needles for CR35-39mm CR Special Carbs
Keihin 7 Clip Position Jet Needles for CR26-33mm CR Special Carbs
Keihin PE, PJ, PWK and PWM Carburettor Jet Needles
Mikuni Needle Valve Assemblies
Mikuni Rubber Mounting Flanges
Watercraft Keihin Carb Rebuild Kit - CDK38-42
Keihin PWK 33-41 Carbs Replacement Parts
Keihin PWK 28 Carburetor Replacement Parts
Mikuni TM36/TM40 (HS40) Pumper Carb replacement parts
Keihin FCR Single Carburetor replacement parts
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